car CNG Cylinder hydraulic pressure testing equipment/ hydrostatic testing machine

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Deformation Testing Machine
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automatic fill in watter and overturn
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car CNG Cylinder Cylinder hydraulic pressure testing equipment

car CNG Cylinder  hydraulic pressure testing equipment/ hydrostatic testing machineperformance parameters

1.  The rational water test pressure              P1=22.5MPa

2 The specification of the measured steel bottleThe diameter    Φ210Φ220

    The height     H=1200-1600mm

A steel bottle type of test pressure loading machine in model of ZL-1/22.5-III is a third decade of improved test pressure device. 

computer controled pressure test pump is the pressure test and explosion detection equipment developed by our company . The detector consists of  the computers, printers, control cabinet, the pump pressure test,


and so on and it can complete the experiment in one time. And


it can automatically show the yield value of the examined cylinder, the blasting pressure value


, wading quantity on the entire blasting process, volume


deformation rate, yield deformation value, burst deformation


value, the duration of the experiment data and so on.


At the same time ,it will draw relationship curve between tested bottle pressure and into-water quantity ,relationship curve between pressure and time and relationship curve between


into-waterand time. Apply to: compressed gas cylinders


(Industrial gas, carbonic, oxygen therapy, CO2 beverage,


SCUBA dive, SCBA breathing, fire extinguishers, refrigerant,


cylinders) ASME coding flask ,fire gas cylinders and other


pressure vessels, the components and other tested subject.

The steel bottle test pressure loading machine is composed of two parts: 1. a loading bottle valve device and a returning water device; 2. an electric test pressure pump and a measuring cylinder. If the user does not need the test pressure pump part, this equipment will be changed into a bottle loading and returning water machine. The user can only use the function in the bottle loading and the returning water.

The machine gathers machinery, electricity and pneumatics and can realize the following three functions

a. The loading & unloading the bottle valve

b. The water pressure intensity test, the volume distortion measure & test

c. The turning over for water fall.


2 The performance parameters

1.  The rational water test pressure              P1=22.5MPa

2. The valve automatic control wrest moment on the spindle       M1=300N•m

3. The maximal wrest moment on the spindle gas valve            M2=450N•m

4. The returning water angle                     R=145O

5. The drive motor

      The model           Y90S-4

      The power           1.1KW

      The rotation speed           1390r/min

6. The power source     380V/50HZ

7. The gas source     P=0.7-0.8Mpa(a safety gas)

8. The top & bottom stroke of the spindle          S1=530mm

9. The stroke of the steel bottle clamping machine      S2=100mm

10. The outer size (length×width×height)

            a. The main body size 1000×600×3000

b. The electric operation station 600×450×1150

(The electric box without the test pressure pump is installed on the main body of the equipment)

c. The electric test pressure pump  655×480×1055

11. The weight(the main body) 750Kg

3, The introduction for the structure principle

The steel bottle test pressure loading machine is composed of the bottle valve loading & unloading device, the returning water device, the electric operation station and the electric test pressure pump (if there is no a test pressure pump, it can only be used as a bottle valve loading & unloading machine and a returning water machine, so this manual is used as a use instruction manual for the bottle valve loading & unloading machine).


4,The installation

1. The equipment body and the foundation are connected with the foot bolts and the pressing plates, which level <1/m.

2. Connect the compressed air pipeline and ask the pipe arrangement to be in order and no leakage.

5,The usage instruction

1. The preparation work

a. The gas source

To assure the gas pressure in 0.7-0.8Mpa, except the air compressing pump, you can get the compressed gas (nitrogen is the best) by a decompression valve.  Adjust  the pressure in0.7-0.8Mpa(one bottle of oxygen in 12Mpa can supply the cylinder in the equipment to work about 300 times).

6, The maintenance 

1. The gear, the tooth bar, the spindle and the bears need to put the lubricating grease in a fixed term.

2. If the belt is loosed or sliding, it should be adjusted the distance or replaced a new one.

are appling CE foundin in 1978, with more than 30 years experience.

5,all life technical support and after-sale service.